Our History

‘50s: Bros. Alvin Simmons, Byron, Hardin, Hamlet & James Fitzgerald

‘60s:  Bros. Clyde Dixon, Richard Rose, Charles Sharpner & Marshall Rose

‘70s:  Bros. Elvis Williamson, Alfred Malone & Phillip Thompson

‘80s:  Bros. Elvis Williamson (2nd time), Richard Amey, Lucius Wallace & Charlie Carter, Sr.

1989-2015:   Bro. Charlie Carter, Sr.

2015- present Bro. Lazerius Davis

In 1952, Bro. Alvin Simmons and Bro. Marshall Keeble went to the white brethren for support in securing a tent so the Gospel could be preached in the Black community of Spring Hill, TN.  The tent was set up behind the “Colored” school and the Meetings lasted two weeks.  Bro. Simmons preached the first Gospel Meeting on May 26, 1952.  It was very successful and twenty-three (23) souls were baptized into Christ.  Thus, the Newtown Church of Christ was born.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Bro. Lee Hardy (Nashville) and Bro. Robert Hamner (Chapel Hill) gave freely of their time, working and getting the congregation established.  After meeting, for several months in the “Negro/Colored” schoolhouse, the Lord blessed them with the purchase of a vacant house and lot on Duplex Road, formerly owned by Mrs. Emma Jane Hall.  Under the leadership of Bro. Hardy and Bro. Hamner, a very dedicated brother was discovered among the members – Bro. Gabriel Prowell.  Bro. Prowell quickly assumed the responsibility of holding the congregation together and getting the needed assistance from neighboring congregations.

Through the cooperation and zeal of the small group, a very nice white block building was completed in 1954.  In 1962, that structure was totally destroyed by a tornado.  Very quickly, a new building was erected with the help of many skilled brothers from Nashville and neighboring congregations. 

     During the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, many student preachers, from the Nashville Christian Institute (under the leadership of Bro. Keeble), preached their first sermons at Newtown.  In the mid to late ‘80s, several preachers, from the Christian College in Florence, AL, have preached here also.  To this day, Newtown continues to open its doors and give way to preachers, near and far, the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Brotherhood.  Indeed, Newtown is an Evangelist’s dream.  Many have either started their work here or were allowed to get more experience through this congregation.

     Newtown is very thankful to God and its early pioneers, in the gospel, for its rich history.  Through the grace of God and His blessings, the Church of Christ at Newtown will continue to be a bright shining light in the community..

Past Ministers